How to Layer Up for A Cambridge Punt in February

Layer up for a Cambridge Punt in February

The average weather in Cambridge during February is a low of 2 degrees with a high of 9 degrees Celsius.

Although this is not as cold as earlier months, you should still layer up if you are going punting in Cambridge. The city is surrounded by water and can feel a lot colder than being in central London or the southern parts of the country. Even if it is slightly windy, you might feel the windchill through your bones.

This can make your Cambridge punt uncomfortable if you are not wearing the right clothes. This is what you should pack in your suitcase if you are planning to visit the city for a Cambridge punt in February.

Coats and Jackets for a Cambridge Punt

Although the weather forecast predicts around eight days of rain, England is very unpredictable. You never know when a random shower might surprise you while punting in Cambridge, especially if you do not have an umbrella or a headcover.

When you bring a coat, you should ensure that it is waterproof to wear in the rain and not get your inner clothes wet. Your coats and jackets should be lined with warm fleece on the inside to keep you toasty enough to spend the day on the River Cam comfortably.

This way, you will be able to appreciate the ride instead of shivering and wanting to rush indoors.

Woolly Hats

When you are punting in Cambridge, a woolly hat in February can be a lifesaver to keep your head and ears warm.

It might not be the most flattering part of your winter wardrobe and might wreak havoc on your hair, but it will help your body lose less heat to withstand the cold weather.

You can pull a woolly hat all the way down over your eyes to the top of your neck. Then it can also act as a cover for the back of your neck in case you do not have a scarf.

If you buy a black woolly hat, it can match any outfit. You can also get them without the fluffy ball material on top in a fitted size that covers your head fuss-free.

Scarves and Gloves

Scarves are always fashionable, no matter what season. Wearing a scarf to cover your mouth and neck, creates better insulation with a pocket of warm air.

Then you will not have to breathe in the cold air while punting in Cambridge on the River Cam.

If it is uncomfortably chilly, you should also wear gloves to keep your fingers warm, or else they might feel numb.

Many gloves are designed to use on smartphone and camera touchscreens, which is beneficial because you will want to take plenty of photos during your Cambridge punting trip.

The Right Boots

Even though the predicted temperature is not below freezing, parts of England do experience snowfall in February and March.

You will need to buy boots that are waterproof for treading snow with high-quality rubber soles and significant traction to prevent you from slipping on ice.

The best boots can be both fashionable and versatile for cold and rainy days.

Look for sneakers or boots that have a thick faux fur lining on the inside for extra warmth during your magical Cambridge punt this winter season.