Why Residents Should Go Punting in Cambridge As the Country Slowly Reopens

Punting in Cambridge as Lockdown eases

Punting in Cambridge has finally become a reality again, rather than a distant dream.

England has been on lockdown due to Covid-19 since March, and the government is now looking forward to lifting some movement restrictions. People will slowly be allowed to leave their homes and venture out to catch the sunny rays that are shining across the country as summer approaches.

The best way to bask in all that glorious sunshine is by going on punting in Cambridge with a friend or two.

Usually, punting in Cambridge is a favourite among international tourists who fly from around the world to visit the famous colleges.

However, it is also the most quintessential English pastime that many residents can take advantage of, especially since tourist flights are currently still halted.

This will also make social distancing more comfortable because there are no crowds.

You can grab a Cambridge punt all to yourself and go for a row or lie back and enjoy the ride without sharing the boat with too many other people.

Here are the reasons why every resident should take an afternoon break to go punting in Cambridge as lockdown rules slowly lift in the upcoming weeks. 

Enjoy the Summer Breeze

As the country continues to have incredibly warm and sunny days, it is never a better time to catch some rays to make up for all that lost time during isolation.

Grab a comfy t-shirt over a cute pair of shorts and head out for a day punting in Cambridge down the River Cam.

Getting enough sunlight is essential to maintain vitamin D levels. Vitamin D helps maintain strong and healthy bones.

Trust us when we say that punting in Cambridge is way more fun than taking supplements, such as sardines, cod liver oil, or beef liver, to get your natural fix of natural D while taking selfies with sun-kissed drooping trees in the background. 

Enjoy the Gorgeous Scenery

Even though Cambridge is a city, it does not feel like it most of the time, thanks to its vast and picturesque green spaces.

It makes it easier to get away from the bustle of the inner city, to catch a breath in a scenic place that helps your mind escape.

Grab a camera and go for a quick Cambridge punt. And then sprawl across an open field for a picnic and afternoon nap before exploring the colleges on foot.

It sounds like a great way to celebrate coming out of isolation, right?

Enjoy the Soulful History

Are you a history buff who tears up watching movies like Braveheart? This city is full of so much history that makes so many brits proud.

You can easily have a drink in the same pub where DNA was discovered or find a similar apple tree that helped discover gravity.

When you wander down the streets of Cambridge, you embark on the footsteps of eight hundred years of historical achievements.

The city has been around since the Bronze Age, and the first game of football with association rules was played here!

Book a Cambridge punting tour and pick your chauffeur’s brains to find out whether The Mathematical Bridge really was built by Sir Isaac Newton or not.