The Top 10 Influential Female Travel Bloggers

Travel Bloggers

Punting in Cambridge is very much cemented in the travel blogger world.

Life is never short of uncertainties, and it can sometimes be a terrorizing feeling when things do not turn out the way you expected. But certain people around the globe fully embrace a life filled with uncertainty and tread the path of adventure.

Travel bloggers are just ordinary people with extraordinary zeal who chose to abandon the structured social norms to explore the unknown terrains of this planet and their lives. To them, adventure means the courage to explore their lives by relentlessly pursuing things that challenge the so-called “conventional” way of living.

By leading such an exhilarating life, they are endowed with an experience which only a few in the world are blessed to perceive.

Let Us Now Explore The Life of Some Inspiring Travel Bloggers 

1. Kiki – The Blonde Abroad

Leaving her decent job in wealth management, Kiki embarked on an incredible journey to explore the world. The Californian native is an avid globetrotter and travel blogger who has travelled extensively and covered a staggering 71 countries.

The decision to quit her successful career for quenching her soul’s thirst for meaning has led her to a lot of destinations that echoed the essence of vibrant culture and history.

With refreshing experiences, she was able to realize a renewed sense of freedom and happiness that prompted her to start “The Blonde Abroad” blog.

The blog contains a whopping 1500 articles that offer valuable insights to travelers and inspire people who are yet to explore their dreams of travelling.

2. Kristin – Be My Travel Muse

Meet Kristin! She’s one of the prominent travel bloggers in the world with 5 million visitors annually visiting her blog to gain incredible knowledge and tips for travelling efficiently.

She has defied the odds several times in her life by fearlessly hitchhiking across China, and that too on a solo trip. Her other adventures include hiking 18,000ft in Nepal which lasted for 14 days without a guide, leading her life as a Buddhist nun for 10 days, freediving in the South Pacific alongside the Humpback whales and leading several adventures tours with women all around the world.

She has travelled to over 50 countries and gained relevant experience in leading worldwide tours. Her blog is packed with different genres of articles on topics that include various first-hand experiences, culture, food and travel hacks that have been helpful to her during her foreign adventures. 

3. Anna – The Legendary Adventures Of Anna

Anna is an avid solo traveller who has explored her way to various adventures by sailing through the Caribbean country of Belize in Central America, rappelling the challenging craters of Israel, exploring the wilderness in Tanzania and exploring the culinary treat of Japan. All these adventures were accomplished in her 8-year solo travel escapades.

She is a specialist in social media consulting and is extremely fond of photography, which is accessible in her blog. She has garnered ample attention from over 1,00,000 social media followers for posting a plethora of exceptional content and articles.

She is highly motivated to make a difference in the lives of her followers and the people she meets during her travel by sharing her share of life experiences that she has gained throughout her extraordinary journey.

Various publications including the Huffington Post, The Travel Channel and several others have showcased her work in the form of photography and inspirational travel guide articles.

4. Sabrina – Just One Way Ticket

Sabrina is one of the funniest travel bloggers you will encounter online, with an extensive range of quality content in her blog.

The contents which include several insightful travel videos, photography and articles on various genres have caught the attention of travel aficionados around the globe.

In 2017, she became the brand ambassador of Cebu Pacific Air and had travelled extensively with them for her travels.

She has captured the beauty of several Asian countries such as Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Hong Kong in its pristine beauty.

Evidently, she was also the winner of Best Culture Travel Blog 2018 and received a golden award for the same from TBC Asia.

5. Vanessa Rivers – Glitter & Mud

Vanessa Rivers is the founder of Glitter & Mud and another travel community known as “We Are Travel Girls”.

Both these initiatives have been a guiding light for thousands of female travellers around the globe. Her blogs are packed with a comprehensive range of articles, guides and reviews about different countries, restaurants, hotels, travel hacks and many more. She is an avid traveller and proud mom who loves to juggle her time with family, travelling and documenting her escapades on “We Are Travel Girls” and “Glitter & Mud”.

Furthermore, “We Are Travel Girls” was co-founded with her friend Becky van Dijk which focuses on empowering women to explore the world. They have also launched the charity division known as Travel Girls Giving to assist the needy.

6. Sherry – Otts World

Sherry quit her corporate life in 2006 and has been trotting the world ever since. She started her travel adventures during her stint as an Information Technology professional. It was a life-changing trip to Istanbul that paved the way for her evolution as a travel blogger. A mantra that she keeps close to her heart is this fantastic quote from Gilda Radner –

Some Stories don’t have a clear beginning, middle, and end. Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment and making the best of it, without knowing what’s going to happen next. Delicious ambiguity

These golden words have helped her to embrace ambiguity throughout her exploration around the world. Her transition from an amateur solo traveller to a seasoned travel blogger has positively influenced the lives of many people who were afraid to step into the world of the uncertainty of travelling alone.

7. Rachel – Rachel Roams

By covering seven continents and journeying through a whopping 70 nations, Rachel Rudwall has undoubtedly evolved into a jack of all trades when it comes to travelling the globe.

She’s a multifaceted personality who has received several coveted accolades and nominations. She is also a media buff who has extensively worked in all dimensions of mass media communications that includes media productions, content creation for an iconic automobile brand, photography, Tv and digital hosting etc.

She has gained immense experience from travelling widely to some of the most faraway destinations which are unknown to the majority of the world. As a result of the incredible insight that she has gained over the years, she was inducted as an Explorers Club “Fellow” which promotes the incredible spirit and feats of exploration.

It is interesting to note that, in the past, several high profile explorers such as Sir Edmund Hillary, Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, Jacques Piccard and Elon Musk have been inducted as Explorers Club “Fellow”. 

8. Trisha – P.S. I’M ON MY WAY!

Trisha is a renowned traveller in the world of exploration and has been continuously travelling for 11 years.

She has made her passion for travelling into a full-fledged job that supports her in leading the adventurous life of a digital nomad. Her blog P.S I’m On My Way is a fantastic travel blog that imparts the necessary knowledge to travellers for efficiently living and sustaining on a long term basis.

She was also supposedly instrumental in helping over 5000 backpackers around the globe to travel with her impressive insights, reviews, tips and travel hacks.

Additionally, she is a well known public speaker who has given many speeches including TED talks.

9. Christine Ka’aloa – GRRRLTRAVELER

A trip to India was the turning point in the life of Christine Ka’aloa, who faced a string of adverse situations and emerged victorious in the end. That adventurous trip was pivotal in the birth of her solo travel blog, GRRRLTRAVELER.

This blog primarily focuses on providing several survival tips and hacks in the face of uncertainty. She also demystifies the fear of travelling alone in foreign lands and gives sufficient insights on dealing with cultural shocks. You can also discover a great deal of information regarding the different dimensions of travel on her social media platform.

10. Vicky – Vicky Flip Flop

Vicky is an exceptional travel blogger / writer and a trained journalist based in the UK.

She has gained a massive reputation for travelling over 75 countries and coincidentally she was ranked the 75th best blogger in the world. 

Based on another polling she was ranked the 5th best blogger in England.

She is also extremely fond of festivals and has experienced over 60 of them around the world. Her works have been featured in numerous reputed media establishments such as Business Insider, BBC Radio, Forbes, The Guardian, Huffington Post and several others.

Her blog is packed with enormous insight for travellers seeking some of the finest destinations on all the seven continents.