Winter Punting in Cambridge

Thinking of coming winter punting in Cambridge? Let us explain why this is a must-do this season.

Christmas in Cambridge

There are two things that Christmas and Cambridge have in common; one, they both start with the letter C; and two, they are both magical.  So whether you are a Cambridge local or a visitor to this wonderful city, we 100% recommend spending the holidays here. There is plenty going on in Cambridge during December including Mill Road Winter Fair, Christmas Carols at Kings College Chapel and the annual pantomime at Cambridge Arts Theatre.

Our Christmas Eve and Boxing Day punting experiences are the perfect way to treat out-of-town families to a taste of Cambridge. Wrap up warm (don’t forget to layer), grab some wine from Cambridge Wine Merchants on Bridge Street, and get ready to impress your in-laws. Please note, Cambridge Wine Merchants won’t be open between the 25th-27th of December.

Cosy up this winter

Looking for that picture postcard experience? Well, look no further. Arguably one of the best quintessential and atmospheric activities is winter punting in Cambridge. Cosy up with friends and family on either a shared or private tour with Tyrrells Punting Cambridge.

This year, winter punting at Tyrrells is extra special as we have new boats on the river. Currently, we have two brand new fibreglass, raised seated punts in operation, with the rest of the fleet coming in spring 2023. So worry not about your loved ones with limited mobility, we have them covered, so they can still enjoy a beautiful hour cruising down the River Cam.

Winter Punting in Cambridge provides a more personalised experience as the river is quieter and there is less traffic for your chauffeur to navigate. In lieu of this, the photographic opportunities at this time of year are second to none. The picturesque college backs are only accessible by punting, so if you want to see the mist blanket Kings College Chapel and Mathematical Bridge, then book your tour here.

If you happen to go punting in the snow you might just catch the snowmen made by the students of the University of Cambridge.

Dress for the weather

Last week we experienced -9 degrees Celcius and for the first time in many people’s memories, the River Cam froze over. The ice was too thick to break through with a boat which sadly meant we had to be closed for five days.

Despite the cold temperatures winter punting in Cambridge is still highly enjoyable, we just recommend dressing for the weather. We have blankets and umbrellas onboard, you are more than welcome to bring hot water bottles and hand warmers for your punting experience with us.

If you scroll further down the blogs you will find one titled ‘Punting in Winter in Cambridge‘ in which we lay out some valuable tips for your winter punting in Cambridge experience.